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Hey grenouille19,

Thanks for letting us know you might be out of touch for a while. I would guess you’re feeling completely rattled, wondering whether you will be sent to a mental health institution and having to stay in hospital in the meantime. I get a sense neither of those ideas are AT ALL comfortable to you, but I can also hear you acknowledge that something does need to change in your life for you to get the help you need. I know that being sent to the hospital was one of your greatest fears, I’m wondering how you are feeling about it now that it’s actually happened (or still happening) to you?

I hear you saying you went really deep yesterday, do you mean deep into hearing voices and feeling like folks are getting into your head? Or are you referring to going too far with self harming? I would guess that you are feeling you are sinking deeper and deeper into chaos, both with all the changes that are happening around you AND all the scary things happening in your own head. I get a sense you are searching desperately to find some kind of calm or sense of normalcy. I am so, so worried about you right now, grenouille19, and it sounds like YOU are worried about you too :(

Keep us updated on what’s going on with when you can, you will be in our thoughts grenouille19 and we’ll be sending hope and strength your way.

<3 the Support Team

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