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Hi Liddell,

I hear you desperately searching for answers to why everything feels so messed up… youve been coping (as best you can) but I get the sense its becoming more than you bear much longer. The pain of living with all the drama and torment makes suicide look like a real option.

Im really worried about you Liddell… it doesn’t sound like anyone in your life understands what youre going through :( Im wondering how strong your thoughts of suicide have been lately? What’s helping you hold onto life? Im glad you posted – youre not alone here <3

Im also glad youre still searching for help – that you havent given up yet. Youre still hoping things will change… but I also hear how tired youre getting of waiting. Im so frustrated by how youve been treated by the professionals who were supposed to be helping… I suspect those experiences (and people) make it even harder to ask for help again? Im wondering, you said you need help – what kind of help do you think you need? Maybe we can get you connected to real support… we’ll definitely try.

Stay strong Liddell, and please stay safe…
the Support Team

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