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      I would first of all like to thank the support team/administrators on this site for accepting me into this great and supportive-looking community.
      I an a very sweet, supportive, honest, trustworthy, optimistic, respectful, accept, wise, and non-judgemental type of guy.
      I am on here to support other members, give advice, make new friends, and build awesome connections with new people :).
      I went through a lot in my teen years and I know what it is like to be judged and to go through certain things.
      If you would like to message me, please don’t be afraid to do so :). I would love to chat with you :).
      Thank you, and have a great day,
      Daniel :)

      ***Identifying information removed by The Support Team

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      Hey Daniel!

      Welcome to the forum :) It’s great to see a supportive and enthusiastic community member come here with an open heart for those that need it.

      We keep all our forum posts anonymous to protect the information of those on here, that’s why we’ve edited your post slightly. Folks are encouraged to connect with those who are posting on here by replying in their threads with words of caring and support.

      Thank you for using what you have been through to bring strength to others!

      the Support Team

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