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      Where I work the manager just randomly calls us in for shifts on our days off when other people can’t make it in and gets super pissy if we say we’re busy, acting as if we *have* to come in on our day off. He doesn’t do his job properly and sometimes he will go on a break for like two hours when the place is crazy busy and he lies to the owner about stuff, blaming his mistakes on other employees. Like the other week he forgot to order extra cheese for the week end and then when we had to go out and buy extra stuff from the grocery store, he pretended like *I* was supposed to have made the order! We’re supposed to split tips among employees only not with the manager BUT he always takes some too. Sometimes he will even count out the tips and then give us our share without telling us what the total was and I think he’s taking more money which is so unfair.

      I want to report him to the owner but I am so scared that I will get fired. I tried talking to two of my co-workers about going to the owner about what the manager has been doing but they were both just like there’s nothing we can do and one of them even told me not to include her in anything I say because that’s not how she feels even though she bitches about him all the time. Now I feel really scared that one of them might tell him that I want to report him and going to work makes me feel like I am going to be sick. The whole time I am there I feel so anxious and weird and I can’t relax. It’s so horrible. I just want to run away.

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      Hello Spoonfuls,

      This sounds like a highly stressful and frustrating work situation. To have a person who should be a role model instead treat you and your co-workers in a frustrating and poor manner, well it really sucks. I can hear all the anxiety and stress that is pressing upon you in this job. To have days off, but also could at any time be called in with threat of losing your job if you deny it. Additionally, I can imagine how hard it is to take the blame for another’s mistake. That is a really hard place to be in. It seems like you feel mistreated, and very isolated from any help in this situation.

      I hear that the owner may be a source of conflict resolution but you still fear that going to them without backup may ultimately end in the loss of your own job. It sounds like you are really wanting positive change to occur, but currently you’re nervous that your co-workers might not support you, and it feels risky to think about taking that step. It sounds like you’re so tired and agonized by this situation that you just want to leave, and not have to deal with it for another day.

      Its hard to say exactly what worker rights you have, as each province has slightly different ones, but you may find it helpful to look into your rights as an employee in Canada. Here is a link to a listing of all the different provinces’ and territories’ labour laws: I hope there is something helpful in there as you try to move forward with your workplace pressures. And please know that you can keep talking things out here. We can’t give you direction on what to do, but we’re here to support you through the stress and weariness of dealing with this situation.


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